When vegan restaurants aren’t vegan.

1 07 2009

Ever wonder how sometimes vegan/vegetarian foods that aim to mimic meat or meat products taste a lot like the real thing?

I was reading this interesting article today on how items from vegan restaurants actually tested positive for animal ingredients in the Los Angeles area. They called in, ordered take-out, and tested the food with kits that assayed the presence and concentration of hen’s egg, milk protein (casein), and shell fish.

Of the 17 restaurants tested, 10 came up negative for all three (egg, milk, fish). The other tested neative for one or more, often showing readings of “high” or “overload,” indicating almost certainly that those ingredients were present.

Since the restaurants they picked billed themselves as vegan restaurants, one should safely assume that there would be no chance of cross-contamination.

I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but the mis-labelling of foods concerns me greatly. It’s just a terrible business practice in general. Hell, it’s LYING. I like to know what I’m eating, what I’m buying! It’s the kind of stuff that makes me hesitant about eating out. If I’m going to a store and buy a DVD, I should be able to trust that the DVD inside the case is as labeled on the box, right? I mean, imagine buying a disney movie for your kid and openin it up to find a sex tape. Why should it be any different when it comes to purchasing food? GRRRRRRRR.

What do you think? There are interesting comments at the end of the article as well, and here is the link if you missed it at the top: http://www.quarrygirl.com/2009/06/28/undercover-investigation-of-la-area-vegan-restaurants/