Soymilk in my morning tea

4 07 2009

On mornings when I don’t rush off to work (aka weekends…), I always start my day with a huge mug of tea. Because my family makes frequent trips to China, there is always an abundant supply of loose leaf green tea in our cupboards. We have such an extensive stash that I can no longer identify what each variety is or where it was from.

Here’s a small sample of what I’ve been drinking:


That’s three different kinds of green tea. I think the big difference is where the tea leaves were grown/picked.

Frankly, I’m not enough (or at all) of a tea snob that I can distinguish bad tea from good tea from better tea. I do, however, prefer loose leaf teas over bags for taste and freshness. At school, I drink lots of tea bag-tea because it’s what’s convenient, and Dragon Pearl Jasmine never disappoints. A couple of campus eateries also offer Mighty Leaf teas, which are fantastic. lot of I usually add a few tablespoons of soymilk (or cow’s milk) for every cup of water, for a chai-like richness. It’s warming from the inside out during winter.

Sometimes at night, I make myself a cup of chrysanthemum tea, also from loose flowers:


I just soak a few flowers in near-boiling water for a couple of minutes, add a splash of milk, and voila, a caffeine-free concoction.

Anyway, my mosquito bites on my legs (the ones pictured here) are almost completely healed. My foot, however, is a swollen puffy mess. If I stand on it too long, it turns purple and spotty and HURTS. I’ve been staying off my feet for the past 2-3 days, so needless to say, no gym no running no weights no biking. Just ice, hydrocortisone, rest, and elevation. UGH. I feel so restless and frustrated. I was going to go watch the fireworks today around the block with some friends from high school, but there’s no way I can even walk the 3 blocks there and back.

However, we’re having some guests over tonight for dinner! Check back for a post on party food 🙂

What’s your favorite tea? Do you drink it plain? Sweetened?