I got a new indoor cycling bike!

20 06 2009

Today I got this new bike off craigslist for 350$. The man who sold it to me said it was a “a coupla years old” but in immaculate condition, so I drove the 1 hour + to his house to see it. It looked a little dirty and rusty, but the bike itself was perfectly functional, with a few stray squeaks (I shall lube it up *smirk*). The man was so kind: he helped me carry the bike downstairs, and we decided to compromise on 375$. Except, when I reached into my wallet, I found that I only had C-notes and 50s, so he let me have it for 350$.

I can’t wait to ride! Right now, it’s in my foyer because I can’t move the thing upstairs (it’s 125lbs and so unwieldy to lift!), in front of the TV, which will be its eventual home. No longer shall Iwake up at 7am on Saturdays to go to indoor cycling class (as I did today). AND I’ll be able to watch So you think you can dance on my rides!

An update on my shin: It’s been 3 weeks 9 days since my last run (which I cut short about half a mile in) and I still feel pain when I hop, leap, or run. Anything that involves coming down on my right foot with more force than a walking step results in a spot of soreness about three inches from my ankle that only intensifies with more activity. At least it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore! I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor on Monday (in two days). From everything I’ve read and been told, it’s best not to run at all until I can do so without any discomfort.

Hence the bike. Getting it upstairs is some serious compound lifting.