Post-biking reflection

27 06 2009

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. ~Chuck Palahniuk

Usually I’m so tired by Friday night that I really, really look forward to spending an easy night in bed, reading and watching TV, and going to sleep before midnight. Except in reality, I get caught up in an engrossing book, or watch half a season of some show instead of two episodes like I intend, or otherwise find some reason to stay up until it’s 2am. Sometimes it’s pure excitement (at what?! It’s not like I do anything interesting on a weekend that I don’t do on a weekday, besides grocery shopping), but when I stay up late, I console myself with the prospect of sleeping in the next morning.

Except ever since I knew about the indoor cycling class at 8am on Saturday mornings at my YMCA, I have been completely unable to sleep in. I tell myself, “If I don’t get up by 7:30am, I’ll skip the class,” and go to bed without setting an alarm. Well, last night I went to bed at 12:30am or so. Couldn’t sleep. Tossed in bed for a long time. Got up at 2:30am to pee. Woke up at 5:45am, then at 6:14am, then at 6:43, each time checking my watch for the time. I finally got up at 7:15am. Felt cranky and unrested. Had a mashed banana and avocado sandwich (this might be my new favorite spread!) and went biking.

So in conclusion, I am completely unable to “just wing it” in the morning. If I think I might go to the class, then you bet I’ll get up in time — hours earlier (just to make sure I’m on time, heh), with or without an alarm. I should just set an alarm next time to begin with, because at least then I’ll sleep with the assurance that I won’t oversleep. I wish the same could be said about my work day mornings… but alas…

The workout was just okay — bad music at a low volume, a sarcastic instructor, and I just wasn’t feeling energetic. My highest heart rate was 172, and average was 138. That kind of concerns me because I’m usually unable to get my heart rate that high on the bike and I think I am doing too much/too hard and not getting enough rest/sleep. My heart rate’s been slightly elevated at rest as well (usually it’s in the mid/high 50s after I’m sitting down for awhile, but yesterday night it was in the mid 60s). Elevated heart rate at work and at rest (as well as poor sleep) is a classic indicator of overtraining, which may be the case since I’m on my feet all day at work on top of 5-6 days/week of fairly hard workouts. Or I just read too deeply into things in my body when they don’t mean anything.

In conclusion, I should

  1. Sleep more
  2. Schedule workouts more efficiently
  3. Workout less or workout less hard
  4. Quit my demanding job

Haha, don’t tease me, #4.


6/19 – 6/20

21 06 2009

Friday nigh is probably my favorite time to go to the gym. I don’t have to worry about work the next day, or what to bring to lunch, or taking care of errands because everything can wait until the weekend. The gym is so empty and quiet it’s cavernous, and I can usually use whatever machine/weight/area I want. Sometimes I’ll just sit on the bike and pedal with low resistance for 2 hours because there’s something funny on TV to watch.

Friday – 6/19

I did deadlifts and squats and other weights for 25 minutes, then walked/stairmastered/took it easy while watching wheel of fortune and jeopardy for 40 minutes. I’ve never done deadlifts/squats with a barbell before and I would really like to, but the barbells are in the weight room downstairs (along with all the dumbbells >25lbs, kettleballs, squat cages, pull-up and dip bars, etc.), which is often occupied by 90%+ men. I’ll give it a try next week.

Saturday – 6/20

Went to indoor cycling class. Woke up at 7:30, scarfed down a banana and a bottle of water, was on the bike by 8am. 45 minutes total including warm-up and cool-down. Max heart rate 165, average 135 or something. I introduced myself to a girl that I see almost every time I go, and nearly every friday night — she’s a senior at Gettysburg! Came back and made a protein shake with whey powder, an iced coffee from 7-11, and half and half in roughly the following ratio:

10oz iced coffee

full scoop protein powder

a glug of half and half

sugar to taste

Pretty much the only time I eat added sugar is right after my workout, because the resulting spike in insulin allows for more efficient uptake of amino acids into the muscles.

Sunday – 6/21

I woke up sooooooo DOMS-y today in my butt and hamstrings, probably from squats/deadlifts on Friday. I haven’t done them in awhile. After walking around the mall for 2 hours, everything felt less sore and stiff. 🙂 Might go for a long, easy ride later on my new Schwinn IC Pro! 😀

Next post will have pictures and a recipe for the pizza I made for lunch!

Happy Father’s day.

I got a new indoor cycling bike!

20 06 2009

Today I got this new bike off craigslist for 350$. The man who sold it to me said it was a “a coupla years old” but in immaculate condition, so I drove the 1 hour + to his house to see it. It looked a little dirty and rusty, but the bike itself was perfectly functional, with a few stray squeaks (I shall lube it up *smirk*). The man was so kind: he helped me carry the bike downstairs, and we decided to compromise on 375$. Except, when I reached into my wallet, I found that I only had C-notes and 50s, so he let me have it for 350$.

I can’t wait to ride! Right now, it’s in my foyer because I can’t move the thing upstairs (it’s 125lbs and so unwieldy to lift!), in front of the TV, which will be its eventual home. No longer shall Iwake up at 7am on Saturdays to go to indoor cycling class (as I did today). AND I’ll be able to watch So you think you can dance on my rides!

An update on my shin: It’s been 3 weeks 9 days since my last run (which I cut short about half a mile in) and I still feel pain when I hop, leap, or run. Anything that involves coming down on my right foot with more force than a walking step results in a spot of soreness about three inches from my ankle that only intensifies with more activity. At least it doesn’t hurt to walk anymore! I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor on Monday (in two days). From everything I’ve read and been told, it’s best not to run at all until I can do so without any discomfort.

Hence the bike. Getting it upstairs is some serious compound lifting.