Video: Rosalie does chin-ups!

29 06 2009

Last night I made my mom take a video of me doing chin-ups. Usually, it takes my almost all my effort to do three of them consecutively from a dead hang. So I made sure I was well-rested all day since I wanted to make it look effortless on camera, haha. After showing my mom how to work the camera’s video recording capabilities, I did 3 in rapid succession, thinking all was well and quite giddy about seeing what my back looked like during a chin-up.

Well, it turned out that the video didn’t actually start recording. 3 chin-ups for nothing, I thought. Well, not for nothing, because I like doing chin-ups and thus they’re still for something but I wasn’t sure I could do three more for the video.

Then I surprised myeslf and squeezed them out, albeit grunting and muttering. So you should click the button and watch ;P

Some people call them chin-ups, some people call them pull-ups with a supinated grip (palms facing inwards). Whatever one might call them, the number of chin-ups one can do is a great marker of overall upper body strength, since they pretty much use all the muscles in my arms/shoulders/back at the same time. In my opinion, pullups/chinups are the best upper body exercises, and the only other exercises I do are dips and pushups. Chin/pullups are great for developing functional strength and I can do them right at home in my door! Ha.

What if you can’t do a chin/pullup? About 6 months ago, I couldn’t complete one from a dead hang. I could go from 180 degrees (arms straight) to… oh, maybe 120 degrees (and my boyfriend would tease me about explaining it in math terms). Most untrained females can’t do one! I basically built up to one by doing a lot of negative chinups (using a stool to get to the top, with my chin above the bar, and lowering myself as slowly as possible), jumping pullups (in which I jump to the bar and use the upwards momentum to help me up), and having someone push my legs up as a boost as I pulled up (thank you dear boyfriend). Well, the learning curve was steep, so though it took me quite awhile to get the first rep, the second came quickly soon after, and the third, etc., and now I can do 4 in a row!