it’s the end of the blog and I feel fine

12 07 2009

A goodbye post of sorts…

I think I’m starting to feel a little bored by blogging. I anticipated that this would happen before I started writing. It’s just too much work! I think I’d rather eat/workout and be done with it, but lately I’ve felt compelled to summarize and recap. Frankly, it’s a lot to think about, and I’d rather use the time/energy for other stuff. Maybe this kind of blog is just not for me. *BUT* I will still be lurking/commenting and getting my daily blog fix vicariously 🙂

I think I get more out of reading others’ blogs than maintaining one of my own.

I *will* use this place to keep babbling about my adventures in gym and food (and life…….., maybe more of life…), but don’t anticipate too many pics. Expect a lot of navel-gazing 😛 …with that said, I will come back and post a recap of my race in 2 weeks!




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13 07 2009

Nothing wrong with a little navel-gazing! I enjoyed your posts, but I understand that blogging can become a bit taxing. It’s become my full-time job these days, so it must be hard to maintain if you have a real job:)

13 07 2009

Id chastise you 🙂
but I SO GET THIS as well.

13 07 2009

darn!…and just as i had discovered one of the more entertaining blogs in blogworld…your candor made for an interesting read…alas, we understand how it goes…RE running..i heard a very interesting interview recently on public radio with Christopher McDougall, the author of “Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen”…5 star review at Amazon and sounds like something you might enjoy…good luck at the races, Rosalie!

13 07 2009

I have not read that book, so thank you for the recommendation!

14 07 2009

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Even though you won’t be posting anymore, you can be a very valuable reader 🙂 I’m also going to look through your old posts!

14 07 2009

understand 100% (110%)

15 07 2009

We’ll miss you, but I understand your point: blogs are hard work!
I never knew how much work it’d be until I started mine. I was posting twice a week and had to cut down to once a week because I was spending close to 10 hours a week working on it. It was like a part-time job!
Have fun at the race!

15 07 2009

Thank you! Your blog is quite popular too, so I can’t imagine the time commitment/pressure!

19 07 2009

darn, that sucks 😦 But I do know what you’re talking about…blogs take up a freaking lot of time! You kinda need the commitment, but some people have other better priorities. You do what you think is best for you, but I hope you don’t disappear forever!

19 07 2009

Yeah! When I started the blog I knew it would be temporary, and that there’d be no way I’d keep it up at school. Caroline from the broccoli hut is actually a friend of mine from school, and I have no idea how she maintains her blog year-round! Are you going to keep the blog going as usual when USC starts?

26 07 2009

I will tRY to keep the blog going in USC, but I don’t think I’ll be able to post as regularly…but we’ll see how it works out…I’ll be SO sad if I can’t continue with my blog though!

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