8 07 2009

I went on my first run after a 7-week shin-splint-induced hiatus!

The post in which I detailed my shin woes: here

In the past 7 weeks I stationary-biked, rowed, lifted, and kept up a pretty consistent 5-or-6-days-a-week workout routine but didn’t run at all. At first I didn’t even walk very much (except when I had to, at work) because even that hurt.

But my shin pain went away FINALLY last week and today I resolved to go running. I stepped out of my house after dinner and ran for 40 minutes, completely pain free!

  • 40:02
  • ? miles
  • max HR: 174
  • ave HR: 156

I was actually surprised by how manageable it was. I had this fear that my legs would atrophy or something if I took time off, but thankfully I didn’t. YAY body that didn’t atrophy.

After talking to lots of people, it seems like a universal suggestion was to find some softer surfaces to run on, not only for my shins but also my bones and joints in general. There is a grassy park near my house, but it’s just that: All grass. I don’t like running on grass. I keep feeling like I’m going to step on a rock or branch and land on my foot wrong. When I was living in Durham, NC there were lots of dirt trails nearby, so I put those to good use. The only dirt trails I know of near my house (in central/northern NJ) are designated “hiking trails” and are too steep/rough for me to do the brunt of my runs on. Plus people are always hiking on them. They’re also kinda far,and the irony of driving somewhere to run is not lost upon me. We actually have a “fitness trail” in my town, but it’s basically a glorified sidewalk of gravel/concrete. Heh. So I think I’m stuck on the road, at least until I go back to Durham at the end of August.

Do you run on roads/concrete? How often? Has it ever given you trouble?

I am looking forward to my 5k again. It’s in 2 weeks exactly!

Because text-only posts are boring, here is a photo of my cat, qiuqiu (it means ball in chinese):


Entitled “Ima gunna come getchoo”. He’s my baby and I hug him under my boobs.




7 responses

9 07 2009

I run on both pavement and track–my typical routine is to run up to my high school track from my house, which require running on pavement and the cushy track. I’ve never had any issues as a result of the surface I run on, although I have had running injuries.
Qiuqiu is adorable!

9 07 2009

I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 07 2009

Can you go run on the track at GL? Is the track still sort of that dirt/gravel surface? I know, you would have to drive there. I usually run on the treadmill at the gym, with my ipod. I don’t really like to run outside because it’s usually either too hot, or too humid. I do it occasionally to acclimate myself to the road and the outside tempurature, since most races are on surface streets.

9 07 2009

I run mostly on dirt trails. Running on pavement is ok, but everyday would hurt for me, too. Running on grass gives you more of a workout, did you know?

11 07 2009

Congratulations on returning to the road!!!!!!!!
I’ve never had to take a running break, but I can imagine how incredibly frustrating it must be. I’m glad it’s over, I’m glad you’re back to running. And signing up for a race is certainly the way to keep motivated to make a quick come-back!
I run on concrete almost every day… I’ve never had a problem, but maybe that’s because I’m not pushing myself enough… I don’t know.
Good luck training for the 5k!

12 07 2009

I find that running after a hiatus is always surprisingly effortless; it gives your legs a chance to recover and get ready again! Good luck on your 5K!

I’ve found that running on pavement doesn’t bother me– I like that jolt that reverberates through your leg, up your spine. I like running on grass, but only because it makes me feel like a dog. Or a horse. Do you know that feeling? The only thing I don’t like running on is sand; it really hurts my knees.

Maybe I’ll take Milly for a walk one day, and she can meet QQ.

P.S. I ran past your house twice today.

12 07 2009

Oh! Isn’t that the BEST feeling? Last time I ran after an injury, I took it TOO far and completely over trained! Take it easy and maybe try some treadmill this week.

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