7 07 2009

I signed up for a 5k on July 22 yesterday. And it cost me 24$!!! Participating in races is incredibly expensive, yikes. I think I’ve done 4 races this year; that’s like, 80$ or something in total for a total of 15-something timed miles?! I could have run those by myself and timed myself and have 80 extra bucks in my pocket.

This is probably the last race I’m going to do for awhile because I’m frugal. Froooooooogull. Best word ever.

I’m kind of concerned about the 5k because I haven’t run in 6-7 weeks because of shin pain, then my mosquito bite fiasco, and in general, for the lack of good running areas near my house. I don’t want to run on roads because the surface is too hard, but I also don’t want to DRIVE somewhere to RUN (aka a park). Does anyone see the irony in that? When I was at school, we had lots of nice trails and dirt paths nearby. I miss you, Durham.

(I also hate treadmills.)

But this race is cool because they have a band and free pizza, and it has over 2000 participants! It’s so close to my house I can walk (or run…) there. It’s also at 7pm, NOT 8am on a weekend morning — those are made for sleeping, not physical exertion.


Here’s a photo of me finishing my last 5k (may 10!), reppin the blue devils, and looking like I’m going to die a little.




5 responses

7 07 2009

I would never be able to finish a 5km. You are great!

7 07 2009

I used to not be able to run a mile without stopping (and a slow one at that), but my endurance increased SO MUCH after I started running regularly. It’s pretty amazing how the body adapts!

8 07 2009

Racing is crazy expensive. I got all miffed when I had to pay 30 bucks to register for that zoo run I did, but at least it included admission to the zoo:) Ah, the sacrifices we make for running…

8 07 2009

congrats on signing up for the race, cant wait to follow you on it!

9 07 2009

You ran a 5k in 25 minutes? That’s awesome!! I’d be happy if I can get under 30 minutes. I just ran my second 10k on July 4th. My endurance is slowly getting better. I’m actually comtemplating doing a half marathon next year. But you’re right, these races are expensive!! Now I only look for ones where the proceeds go to a charity.

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