6 07 2009

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries at the last minute and I was unable to take pics of my fourth of july feast. Some family friends came over, and I got to see two friends I haven’t seen in 3 years. I’m still pretty bummed. :[

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning! They are Eating Bender’s Ebleskiver Pancakes, but I don’t have an Ebleskiver pan so I made them flat and round. Instead of 2 egg whites, I used a whole egg, and instead of almond milk, I used soy. I also added a tablespoon of ground flax seed to the batter. Thanks Jenn! 🙂


I know they don’t look very appetizing, but they tasted good enough. They have cottage cheese in them! I had no idea you could do that with cottage cheese. I also had some cashews.

I usually don’t have time in the mornings to cook anything and rush off to work, portable breakfast in hand. The reason I had so much time today was because I took the day off work. Remember my mosquito bite woes? My right foot was so swollen all weekend I couldn’t walk on it/wear shoes, so I decided to rest it another day.


Compare right foot to left foot. Notice how puffy right foot is! Also notice the purpleish color by my right toe. This was taken this morning — suffice it to say that it was a lot worse this weekend.

I put the day to good use and took a practice GRE test. I also hopped on the bike for an hour (I guess if I”m well enough to exercise I’m well enough to go to work, but shhhh) after being completely off my feet for 4 days or so. It felt GLORIOUS. Max heart rate was 168, average was 140.

In other news, I’m signing up for another 5k on July 22! I haven’t run in 6-7 weeks now so I have noooooo idea how it will go.

Before I go, I made a Chayote stew for dinner! Chayote is so pretty, heart-shaped when sliced.


It was good 🙂 …no recipe, just threw it all together, all the vegetables that needed to be used up. In addition to chayote, The black/purple things are purple potatoes. There’s also some bok choy, tomatoes, thai basil, maybe some cilantro… it was all stewed in a can of pre-made thai red curry sauce from the asian food market.


Off to watch house and make lunch for work tomorrow!




5 responses

6 07 2009
healthy ashley

I hope your right foot gets better soon!

And you just reminded me how much I love pancakes 🙂

7 07 2009

Bummer about your foot–I hope it heals ASAP!
You should post some pics of your packed work lunches sometime–I am always looking for new ideas on what to pack for meals on the go!

7 07 2009

Sending foot-healing vibes your way!

What exactly is a chayote? I keep seeing them on blogs but have never seen them in stores *going to google*

7 07 2009

I’m not sure, exactly. I know it’s from costa rica… It tastes and looks kinda like a zuchini/cucumber 🙂

7 07 2009

i think those pancakes look dank! i have never heard of/seen chayote. looks good!

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