Out of commission…

3 07 2009

Whenever I’m asked if I have an allergy, I reply no. I should probably amend my answer, because while it’s true that I don’t have a food or medication allergy, I have pretty strong reactions to mosquito bites. And that’s an understatement. 2 days ago I got five bites on my leg and foot in the course of .. oh, 5 minutes, and by last night, my foot was so swollen I couldn’t stand on it, and my leg was clearly misshapen. My plans for going to the gym were quickly abandoned.


Check out my right leg, inner thigh/knee, where I have 2 bites. Compare the inside curve/bulge of my right leg to left. All from…


Did I mention they itch like crazy? These photos were taken yesterday evening, but by this morning, the reaction was so strong that border from my two mosquito bites had fused together, so right now it’s even worse than the photo looks. It feels really awful.

The bigger problem I have right now is my foot. Two mosquito bites have pretty much covered the top of my entire foot. Every time I walk, it irritates the bites on my foot. My entire foot has swelled so much that last night it was starting to go a little numb and I couldn’t move my big toe and I had to stay off my feet the entire night. Parts of it are purplish in color. I didn’t take a photo of my feet, but imagine the grossness of my leg x 3.

UGH. I HATE MOSQUITOS I HATE MOSQUITOS I HATE MOSQUITOS. This completely kills my plans for the weekend (gymming activities, social activities, shopping, etc), since I have to stay off my feet. I’ve been icing, elevating, and plastering my bites with hydrocortisone. And trying my hardest not to scratch. And resolving to never leave the house without a bodysuit of DEET. *wails*

Do you react strongly to mosquitos? Are you a mosquito magnet? Are you one of those people (aka my dad) who gets bitten and doesn’t even know/care?




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3 07 2009
Crabby McSlacker

Oh no!!!!!

Hope the itching and swelling calms down soon!

3 07 2009

I feel them….but when they show up, they look like zits. And I want to killlllll zits (I’m a bad time picker). But, of course, they don’t pop. X.x

Wrap those puppies up in a tensor and slather yourself with DEET, ne?

3 07 2009


3 07 2009

I react the same way. Last year I got a few bites on my feet. I had to cram my feet into shoes and work with swollen feet. By the end of the day the were infected. No one believes me about how bad i react and I have never met anyone else with the same problem. After seeing your pics, at least I know i am not alone.

6 07 2009

I’m new to reading your blog and just saw this post as I’m sitting at work suffering from mosquito bites from the weekend! Mine don’t get swollen like yours but I get a crazy amount. Last year I got about 150 bites in just one night. Deet is a life saver! Feel better!

22 08 2009

hehe duing my trip i realizedi fyou scratch mosquito bites within afew minutes of them biting you, the bump will become larger since i guess youre spreading the irritant. It might not make much of a difference in your case, but it helped for me while i was traveling

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