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20 06 2009

I’ve thought about getting a blog for years (okay, maybe not plural. A year). I spend a lot of time working out, thinking about it, or reading about it in the news, other blogs, or research journals. I don’t talk about it much in real life because I don’t want to bore people, so I am starting a blog for an outlet to ramble and track my progress on the internet. I love spinning, biking, running (though that hasn’t happened in the past 4 weeks because I have been having pain in my shin area — doc appointment forthcoming), lifting, walking, and any activity/moving around.

I also love tasty, simple foods as well and intend to talk about how and what I’m eating. I abide by a Michael-Pollan-esque diet: omnivorous, mostly whole foods, minimal processed foods. Although I don’t track what I eat, my diet is usually around the zone recommendations: 40% carb, 30% fat, 30% protein. I am the least picky eater I know, and I will try anything at least a couple of times. Regrettably, I use splenda quite liberally and am a self-proclaimed orbit spearmint gum addict; these are admittably hypocritical habits, but ones acquired from 5 years of a disordered relationship with eating. I consider myself fully recovered, though like almost everyone, I have moments of self-doubt and anxiety over how I look.

Besides writing about working out and eating, I also intend to muse on issues such as fat discrimination, the media, society-wide body image problems, the intersection of exercise/diet/weight with gender, eating disorders, poorly-conducted scientific research, and whatever else piques my interest!

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3 responses

20 06 2009

Yay! I can’t wait to read what you have to say about these topics that are so intriguing to me as well. *Adding your blog to my Google Reader*

24 06 2009

Just added you to my reader!

30 06 2009


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